Region in focus

Welcome to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

ALPLA entered the Caribbean market back in 1976 with the opening of its first production facility in Guayama, Puerto Rico. The plant began using extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding processes to produce bottles for an international cosmetics company and other local customers. In 2005, operations were expanded to the Dominican Republic, where ALPLA later acquired a local packaging manufacturer, solidifying its position as a major player in the plastic packaging industry in the Dominican Republic.

In the Caribbean, ALPLA offers a broad range of standard packaging solutions and customised bottles and closures for a wide variety of markets. The product range includes bottles and containers with volumes from 60 millilitres to 230 litres, crates including decoration and assembly, PET preforms and closures. Given the changing market and industry conditions in the region, ALPLA is currently tapping into less traditional segments in the Caribbean such as industrial containers, durable goods such as pails and plastic parts for the manufacturing sector.

In 1991, ALPLA also started up its first plant in Toluca, Mexico. An in-house plant followed in 1993, also in Toluca. Key industries in the region include food, cosmetics and home care. To achieve its long-term sustainability goals, ALPLA opened the IMER recycling plant together with Coca-Cola FEMSA and the Coca-Cola Company in 2005. This was the first food-grade PET recycling plant in Mexico and Latin America. ALPLA also introduced the dual training system based on the Austrian model in Mexico to ensure the high quality of ALPLA’s packaging solutions. In this programme, young people receive first-class schooling and are trained in metal and plastics technology professions.

To further strengthen the regions, the Caribbean was fully integrated into the Mexico and Central America region in July 2020. The region thus comprises Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. At the 36 locations currently active, more than 3,000 employees ensure that our customers in this region are optimally looked after and supplied every day.