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About this report

The fifth ALPLA sustainability report offers insights into significant environmental, social and economic developments of ALPLA during the fiscal years of 2021 and 2022.

Our primary emphasis was on incorporating the GRI Standards guideline in the most effective manner. The provided information encompasses all fully consolidated subsidiaries and global facilities (comprising both base and in-house plants) of ALPLA, but excludes joint ventures.

This sustainability report additionally constitutes a non-financial declaration within the meaning of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD).

Reporting as an opportunity

The complete cycle of gathering data and related contextual information is a significant chance for our company, as it allows us to evaluate our performance and objectives consistently and thoughtfully. This enables us to pinpoint specific areas for action to continually enhance our sustainability strategy.

Additionally, through reporting, we can generate added value for the company, our employees and various stakeholders. We regularly provide updates on our initiatives through the internal company magazine, Flaschenpost, our intranet, our external ALPLA blog and our social media channels. This way, we have been able to significantly strengthen internal communication on sustainability matters in recent years.

This sustainability report feeds into and complements other reporting practices, including our annual reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and EcoVadis.


Materiality assessment

In 2022, we conducted a double materiality analysis to update the list of material topics identified in 2018 and presented it in our latest sustainability report. The analysis entailed the identification of relevant topics for ALPLA from two perspectives: inside-out (how ALPLA’s business impacts the world) as well as outside-in (i.e. how the material topics have implications for ALPLA). The analysis was conducted based on the three pillars of sustainability at ALPLA – People, Planet and Profitability.

Internal and external stakeholders were then asked to assess the materiality of the relevant topics (on a scale from 1 to 5) in a survey. Internal stakeholders (n=205) included the board and directors, regional managers, regional sustainability responsibles and HQ employees. Global customers and global suppliers were among the external stakeholders involved in the process (n=153). The following graphs depict the composition of the answers received from a geographical and stakeholder group perspective:

Based on the results of the survey, considering both perspectives of materiality, the following material topics were identified:

This report was published at the end of 2023. From 2025 onwards, ALPLA will be publishing a sustainability report annually.