About us

Dear Employees, Esteemed Business Partners and Customers!

At the ALPLA Group, we firmly believe that plastic packaging plays an important role in addressing the needs of our growing global population. Each day, we dedicate ourselves to delivering solutions that promote a safe, affordable and sustainable life worldwide. With over three billion people encountering our products daily, we embrace the significant responsibility that accompanies our mission.

Our extensive experience in the design, production and recycling of rigid plastic packaging products has endowed us with a profound and holistic understanding of packaging and its related ecosystems. We make these insights available to our business partners along our supply chain in order to develop solutions that address the needs of consumers, regulators and brands alike. We support the circular economy model and advocate for policy changes as well as industry-wide standards that promote the 4R principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace). Our ultimate aspiration is to create circular loops for our products in order to create markets for post-consumption packaging and to provide the most sustainable packaging solutions to our customers, both local and global. As a company committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), this effort goes hand in hand with our decarbonisation efforts, covering both our production and our whole value chain.

Each day, we dedicate ourselves to delivering solutions that promote a safe, affordable and sustainable life worldwide.

Philipp Lehner, CEO

Plastic: a vital part of the solution

Embracing the motto ‘Plastic is fantastic’ and through related campaigns, we are endeavouring to stimulate a global discourse on the often underappreciated advantages of plastics. Our intended audience spans customers, suppliers, employees and end consumers alike. Our communication relies solely on rigorously collected scientific facts, data and figures that are transparently accessible. Our aim is to raise society’s awareness that plastic is not the problem in most cases, but rather an integral part of the solution. This is based on the indisputable advantages that plastic offers in terms of safety, affordability and sustainability.


We are aware that the path to sustainability is complex and challenging, yet we also acknowledge its imperative nature. As a company, we are consistently committed to this path. We invite all readers to join us on this journey and to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable future.